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Irrigation Sprinkler Lawn Watering Installation Contractor
New Providence, Union County, NJ

 Irrigation Sprinkler Lawn Watering Installation Contractor New Providence, Union County, NJ

Sprinkler and Irrigation Installation Contractor Serving Clients in New Providence, Union County, NJ

About LTD Nursery and Landscaping

LTD Nursery and Landscaping is a local family-owned and operated landscaping company that has been serving clients in New Providence, NJ since 1985. We believe in fostering an enduring relationship with nature as an integral part of life. Located in the heart of Bernardsville, NJ, we offer unparalleled service, diverse products, and innovative outdoor solutions to both residential and commercial customers.

Our journey began as a landscape maintenance company in 1985. Over the years, we have evolved into a full landscape design and construction company. Today, we operate a beautiful nursery and garden center in Bernardsville. Through our commitment to quality, customer service, and the community, we have become a comprehensive garden center and provider of a broad array of landscape design and construction services.

Contact or visit us today at 460 Minebrook Rd, Bernardsville, NJ 07924, and let’s start turning your outdoor dreams into a beautiful reality.

Services for Customers in New Providence, NJ

At LTD Nursery and Landscaping, we offer a wide range of services to cater to the unique needs of our clients in New Providence, NJ.

Irrigation Systems

We specialize in designing and installing efficient irrigation systems for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of experts will assess your landscape’s specific requirements and create a customized irrigation solution that conserves water while keeping your plants healthy and vibrant.

Irrigation Repair

If you’re experiencing issues with your existing irrigation system, our skilled technicians can diagnose the problem and provide prompt repairs. From fixing leaks to replacing faulty components, we ensure that your irrigation system operates at its optimal efficiency.

Irrigation Upgrades

Upgrade your outdated irrigation system with our advanced technology solutions. We offer smart irrigation systems that utilize weather data to adjust watering schedules automatically. This not only saves water but also ensures that your plants receive the right amount of moisture at all times.

Irrigation Maintenance

Maintaining your irrigation system is crucial for its longevity and performance. Our team provides regular maintenance services to keep your system running smoothly. We inspect for leaks, clean clogged nozzles, adjust sprinkler heads, and perform any necessary adjustments or repairs to optimize water distribution.

Landscape Irrigation

In addition to traditional lawn irrigation systems, we also specialize in landscape irrigation. Whether you have flower beds, shrubs, or trees that require specific watering needs, our experts will design an irrigation solution tailored to your landscape’s requirements.

Landmarks and Industries in New Providence, NJ

New Providence is a vibrant town located in Union County, NJ. It is known for its rich history and diverse industries. Some notable landmarks include:

  • The Village Shopping Center
  • Murray Hill Station
  • Watchung Reservation
  • Reeves-Reed Arboretum
  • Salt Brook Elementary School

New Providence is home to various manufacturing industries such as pharmaceuticals, technology companies, and healthcare providers. These industries rely on efficient irrigation systems to maintain their landscapes while conserving water resources.

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What Our Customers Say

I just had my patio redone and LTD did an excellent job for me. They sent me three very hard-working men who transformed my patio into a picture-perfect setting. The progress was checked on daily by their boss. I appreciate the great work and the very nice men who did it. I highly recommend LTD!
Service: Stone landscaping - Eileen hurley

This place is big. They have everything from blue spruce to rock dust. It seems the kind of place that a landscaping business would come to pick up plants to install in your lawn. I just came for a yard of Rock Dust, and they were very helpful to me. - Bob Treue

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value
Excellent nursery - well laid out - wonderful selection. Very helpful employees. I go back again and again and always leave with beautiful plants. Also, they will order for me if they don’t have what I want. A+++++ - American Woman

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Fun Facts of New Providence, Union County, NJ

  • Zip Codes(s): 07901 / 07974
  • Area Code(s): 908
  • Municipality Type: Borough
  • Time Zone: America/New_York
  • Median Income: $129,638
  • Population: 13,308
  • Water Area (Square Meters): 54,762
  • Land Area (Square Meters): 9,552,654
  • Number of Households: 4468
  • Set ID: Union_County_NJ