Essential Mulch & Soil For A Healthy Garden

LTD carries a range of bulk materials that are essential for landscaping projects and maintaining healthy, vibrant gardens. LTD carries:

  • Mulch: This can include wood chips, bark nuggets, and straw. Mulch helps to retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of garden beds.
  • Topsoil: Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil, typically the top 2 inches to 8 inches. It has the highest concentration of organic matter and is where most of the Earth's biological soil activity occurs.
  • Compost: This is decomposed organic matter that serves as a soil conditioner, providing nutrients to plants and improving soil structure.
  • Sand: Sand is often used for improving drainage in garden soil, for making concrete, and for laying paving stones or bricks.
  • Gravel: Gravel has numerous uses in a garden, including in driveways, pathways, drainage areas, or as decorative ground cover.
  • Crushed Stone: Used in similar ways as gravel, crushed stone is often used in landscaping for driveways, paths, or as a decorative element.
  • Pea Gravel: A smaller type of gravel, often used in play areas, dog runs, and as a decorative feature in garden beds.
  • River Rock: These are often used as decorative elements around flower beds and other garden features.
  • Landscape Fabric: While not a bulk material, landscape fabric is often sold in bulk for use in weed prevention under mulch or gravel.
  • Manure: Composted manure from various animals is sold as a soil amendment, adding nutrients and improving soil structure.
  • Garden Soil/Mix: Pre-mixed garden soil or soil mixes for specific types of plants (like cacti, orchids, or roses) can often be purchased in bulk.
  • Sod:For those looking to establish or repair a lawn quickly, sod (pre-grown grass that comes in squares or rolls) is often available in large quantities.

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