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About LTD Nursery and Landscaping in Millstone, NJ

Since our inception in 1985, LTD Nursery and Landscaping has been fostering a deep-rooted connection with nature for the residents of Millstone, NJ. As a local family-owned business that thrives in Bernardsville, we have dedicated ourselves to providing an exceptional array of greenery and comprehensive landscaping services. Our journey began as a humble landscape maintenance venture and blossomed into a full-fledged design and construction enterprise. Today, we proudly operate a flourishing nursery and garden center that stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and community engagement. We invite you to explore our diverse offerings at 460 Minebrook Rd., Bernardsville, NJ 07924, where your outdoor aspirations can flourish into stunning realities.

Nursery Products for Customers in Millstone, NJ

At LTD Nursery and Landscaping, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of nursery products tailored to the unique climate and aesthetic preferences of Millstone’s residents. Our collection spans vibrant flowers that add pops of color to any space; lush plants that create serene environments; majestic trees that provide shade and structure; as well as bushes and shrubs that form perfect hedges. We also specialize in ornamental grasses for textural contrast; vines and climbers for vertical interest; herbs and vegetables for kitchen gardens; along with native plants that support local biodiversity.

Flowers & Plants Tailored for Millstone’s Climate

Understanding the specific climatic conditions of Millstone is crucial when selecting flowers and plants. That’s why our nursery is stocked with species known to thrive in Somerset County’s environment. Whether you’re looking for perennials that return year after year or annuals for seasonal charm, we have options that will ensure your garden remains a blooming haven.

Trees & Bushes Suited for Millstone’s Landscape

The right tree or bush can transform any property in Millstone into a picturesque scene straight out of a storybook. From deciduous trees with autumnal hues to evergreens keeping color all year round, our knowledgeable staff can guide you towards the perfect fit for your land’s topography and soil type.

Ornamental Grasses & Vines Enhancing Millstone Gardens

Add an element of movement and grace to your landscape with our selection of ornamental grasses or create enchanting nooks with vines gracefully climbing trellises or fences. These versatile plants offer low-maintenance beauty suited perfectly for the busy lifestyles of Millstone homeowners.

Herbs & Vegetables: Grow Your Own Edibles in Millstone

Cultivate a connection with your food by growing herbs and vegetables right in your backyard. Our nursery provides everything needed—from seedlings to advice—for creating a bountiful garden so you can enjoy fresh produce just steps away from your kitchen.

Native Plants Promoting Ecology in Millstone

Incorporating native plants into landscaping not only enhances the natural beauty but also supports local wildlife habitats. We are committed to ecological stewardship by offering native plant varieties ideal for creating sustainable landscapes in harmony with Millstone’s ecosystem.

Landmarks & Industries Benefiting from Landscape Nursery Products in Millstone

Millstone’s rich history is reflected through its landmarks such as historic homes which benefit greatly from our tailored landscaping services. Additionally, local industries including hospitality venues rely on us to create inviting outdoor spaces using products like trees for privacy screens or colorful annuals for curb appeal enhancements.

Contact LTD Nursery and Landscaping Today!

To begin transforming your outdoor space into an oasis or if you simply wish to browse through our nursery selections, reach out today! Connect with us via 908-766-4442, or send us an email at Our team eagerly awaits the opportunity to serve you with unparalleled expertise here at LTD Nursery and Landscaping—where every green dream is nurtured into existence.

What Our Customers Say

I just had my patio redone and LTD did an excellent job for me. They sent me three very hard-working men who transformed my patio into a picture-perfect setting. The progress was checked on daily by their boss. I appreciate the great work and the very nice men who did it. I highly recommend LTD!
Service: Stone landscaping - Eileen hurley

This place is big. They have everything from blue spruce to rock dust. It seems the kind of place that a landscaping business would come to pick up plants to install in your lawn. I just came for a yard of Rock Dust, and they were very helpful to me. - Bob Treue

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value
Excellent nursery - well laid out - wonderful selection. Very helpful employees. I go back again and again and always leave with beautiful plants. Also, they will order for me if they don’t have what I want. A+++++ - American Woman

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Fun Facts of Millstone, Somerset County, NJ

  • Zip Codes(s): 08844
  • Area Code(s): 908
  • Municipality Type: Borough
  • Time Zone: America/New_York
  • Median Income: $116,500
  • Population: 420
  • Water Area (Square Meters): 52,339
  • Land Area (Square Meters): 1,762,709
  • Number of Households: 156
  • Set ID: Somerset_County_NJ